Core Courses

(Both Tracks)

101 Overview of the Bible
102 How to Study and Interpret the Bible
103 Prayer and Biblical Spirituality
104 Evangelism and Discipleship
105 Local Church Missions and the Cooperative Program
106 Baptist Beliefs

Pastoral Track

P201 Pastoral Ministry
P202 Pastoral Ministry and Counseling
P203 Preaching I
P204 Preaching II

Church Ministry Track

(Choose Four)

C201 Women’s Ministry I
C202 Women’s Ministry II
C203 Men’s Ministry I
C204 Men’s Ministry II
C205 Youth Ministry I
C206 Youth Ministry II
C207 Children’s Ministry I
C208 Children’s Ministry II
C209 Teaching Ministry of the Church
C210 Ministry to the Community
(Additional classes will be added)


Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Certificate in Church Ministry

Contextual Prefix Code

NA = Native American
HISP = Hispanic
SAC = Smaller in Attendance Churches/Bi-Vocational
AF = African American